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About US

Our Company, its Products, and Service
has grown for over 11 years because of the
Advice and Support of Athletic Trainers and Coaches from Texas and all over this great country. 
Because we listen to our Customers, we are able to manufacture a more durable line of
cooling and hydration products and started a reconditioning programs for portable hydration systems 
Our company began with a great idea in 2002.
 We invented a
Portable High Pressure  Cooling System
 with an airplane propeller fan. Taking high pressure cooling and making it portable..two wheel dolly.. It runs off of a tank or water hose. 
Two years later we invented a new style of
20 and 35 gallon Portable Hydration Systems.
 They are still being sold today under a brand that starts with the word Sports..
Summer of 2003 we attended our first Athletic Trainers Conferences..SWATA..and have attended every year since..NATA--6 times...SEATA-2..
The Assistant Athletic Director/Head Athletic Trainer of Stephenville High School came to me my 1st year at SWATA.  He told me that if I wanted to make a difference in the hydration and cooling industry  bring  back service...
Real Service...And it's  been the cornerstone
of our success for over 11 years...
In 2008 we invented  newer versions of our first systems and branched out on our own.. That same year with help from the Head Athletic Trainers from Texas A&M and Stephenville HS
and 200 more from around Texas...,
Drinker Doctor was born...
The 1st Onsite or pick-up-return Full Service and Repair business was born for All Brands
of portable hydration systems in the U.S.A.....
We now Rebuild...Refurbish.. Rehab...and Repair
ALL BRANDS of hydration systems.  In 5 years we have grown to 5 states.....TX..AR..IN..GA..LA...
We now manufacture a 20,30,50, and 68 gallon Sports Cow portable hydration system from stainless steel and aluminum frames..
  Two Sports Fog portable cooling systems with stainless steel frames..One stationary airplane propeller.. One with a oscillating fan.. 
And now we have invented the Ice Funnel.
Owner is a
U. S. Army Veteran..1974-1975 and
ALL of our products are proudly
Made in the U. S. A.
Our goal is to make you another one of our satisfied customers.  If you have any questions or comments please leave your contact information and we will reach out to you as soon as possible. 

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Rocky  or   Karl
 P O Box 1106
Canton TX 75103

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