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Ice          Funnel 
Your Way to Beat the 





Patent # 61.839,954
Made in the


$30.00 ea  
To Order:
 Call or email  us with number of units wanted..
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We accept School purchase orders

Owner/Inventor..... U.S. Army Vet 74-75 

We introduced the Ice Funnel at NATA in Vegas & everyone
from Cramer to Medco plus 100's of Athletic Trainers said not only did they 
" Like It " But.....said it was something rarely seen in 
Their Industry.
Truly New Product...

How much ice and water has hit the floor filling water bottles
 all over the World in the last 25 Years.

!!....A BUNCH....!!

!!....NO LONGER....!!

 We fixed the problem every Athletic Trainer, Coach, or anyone
who has ever tried to Fill’ Em Up has dealt with....
..A MESS.. 

A handle  aids in the Ice Funnel standing up-right when
set down.
Just insert the Ice Funnel into 3 bottles..
slowly pour a scoop of ice in the funnel and watch the bottles fill...
Follow with water and your done...
It takes a few tries to get the hang of it especially those of you that have big chunks of ice.. You still have to break it up just as you are doing now..
Takes only minutes now with the
Ice Funnel.


Made from Antistatic Polypropylene Copolymer:

MEETS REQUIREMENTS: U.S. Food & Drug Administration 21 CFR 177.1520.
Ultra high clarity..Good impact resistance @ room/refrigerator temperatures.

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